Working With Hegelund Consulting

Keith Amann, Director Engineering at SpectraLink Corporation (2016)

My work with Helle has been very inspirational and allowed me to make significant strides in my ability to communicate more effectively within my organization.  She has helped me to focus in on key areas by gaining insights from my team, supervisor, and key colleagues and by coaching me to see new perspectives.  My ability to communicate more effectively has allowed me to develop stronger levels of trust within the organization, and given me additional tools to handle difficult situations.  My experience with Helle has led me to drive for expanding her engagement with the organization.

Michelle Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Rural Health Center (2017)

I’ve worked with Helle for nearly four years and she has been an incredibly helpful coach.  When I first began working with Helle I was new to my role as CEO and through our coaching sessions she helped me grow my confidence and truly believe in myself and my knowledge.  Over time our coaching sessions have evolved into growing my knowledge as an executive leader and once again growing my confidence to be the mentor that my leadership team needs.  She has assisted with trainings of my leadership team to help instill trust and teamwork. Helle is a kind and caring person. I can always trust that she will be honest with me and tell me what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear.  I highly recommend her to any senior executive that wishes to grow to be the leader they want to be.

Lori Reynolds, Assistant Dean, Denver University (2016)

Helle blends insight, creativity, and kindness with considerable experience and understanding to help clients achieve goals that may have seemed beyond reach.  She can help you identify and clarify desired outcomes and then create action plans that move you toward your career goals.  Working with Helle is both encouraging and inspiring.

Cecily Cullen, ‎Managing Director, Metropolitan State University of Denver (2015)

Helle has been absolutely instrumental in coaching me as I developed leadership and interpersonal skills that have been key to my career success. She is extremely perceptive and adept at recognizing the crux of an issue. Helle does not give her clients answers, but guides them in finding the answers for themselves.

Mariana Liptuga, Country Representative, Danish Red Cross (2014)

The coaching program was very helpful and just in time. I have become much better at managing my emotions, to be more tolerant and supportive and to communicate in a respectful and effective way. I have also learned how to delegate more responsibility to my Direct Reports. The coaching program has definitely had a very positive impact on the dynamics in our team and influenced the way I deal with the team members. 

Chris Durand, Manager Engineering, SpectraLink Corporation (2017)

This coaching was a lot different than previous "better communication" training I've received through my career, and the only one that gave me true insight I could use for long term benefits. While the coaching is centered around the book "crucial conversations", Helle's one-on-one sessions provided unique insight on how those concepts applied specifically to me, as an individual with a unique experience and history. Helle has a gift for asking a lot of gentle but probing questions that made for sometimes intense sessions of introspection. My best recommendation for Helle's coaching is that it already has had significant impact on how I interact with others and how they perceive me, and is helping me busting through what had been a roadblock in my career. 

Kavitha Thimmaiah, Content Strategist, Education Communications Strategy Group, Denver (2014)

Working with Helle was wonderful! Her holistic approach helped me connect my life goals to my career goals. Through her coaching I was able to define a new career path for myself and am once again passionate about what I do.