What We Do

Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching philosophy focuses on the individuality of the coachee. We will get an in-depth understanding of the coachee and engage with her or him in way that opens up new insights and possibilities.  Each individual coaching program is designed around a set of outcomes - for example:  

  • Manage difficult conversations 
  • Influencing skills - make higher impact within and outside the organization
  • Become more skillful in expressing thoughts and emotions  

Leadership Development

We work with design and implementation of leadership programs to help organizations enhance leadership capabilities and competences. This often include:  

  • Stakeholder analysis as a basis for tailoring the program to the needs of the organization
  • 360 feedback process to identify development areas 
  • Design of effective training and development programs

Organizational Effectiveness

In addition to executive coaching and mentoring we conduct organizational effectiveness projects, for instance:

  • Organizational process optimization
  • Organizational realignment projects 
  • Implementation of Shared Services models
  • Cost optimization 

Sales Effectiveness

To be succesful in a sales or business development role is often harder than most other roles within an organization.  We have therefore designed an effectiveness and coaching program specifically tailored for sales professionals.  

Assessment Tools

We are certified in a number of assessment tools including, but not limited to:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i)
  • MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). 
  • We offer in-depth knowledge in the use of 360 degree performance evaluation.

Recruiting Assessments

We assist companies in the interviewing and assessment phase of recruiting new talent. We bring value through our deep experience assessing people, 'soft skills' cultural fit etc.  We're typically being brought in to offer a 'second opinion' in the final stages of a hiring process.